Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Welcome to the latest Degrees of Lewdity update! In this patch, we have some exciting changes to the game.

Gameplay Changes:

  • You can now choose from a variety of different occupations when starting your character, from honest work to a life of crime.
  • You can also now choose the gender of the people who will be attracted to you.
  • New dialogue options and choices have been added to the game, allowing for more replayability.
  • You can now choose to sell your body in more carnal ways.


  • Several bug fixes have been made to improve the overall game experience.
  • Various graphical glitches have been fixed.
  • Text and dialogue errors have been corrected.

New Features:

  • You can now choose the gender of the people who will be attracted to you. This allows you to customize your experience and choose who you’d like to pursue a romantic relationship with.
  • You can now toggle off fetishes in the game settings. This allows you to customize the experience and play without certain fetishes if you don’t prefer them.
  • You can now have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. This allows you to explore different relationships with different people.
  • Added a new “Fetish Toggle” option for players who prefer not to engage in certain lewd activities.
  • Added a new “Quest Tracker” to help keep track of your progress.
  • Added a new “Romance Mode” for more intimate relationships with NPCs.
  • You can now toggle off certain fetishes, such as tentacles, in the settings menu.
  • An in-game map has been added to make navigation easier.
  • A new trading system has been added, allowing you to buy and sell items.

With all the new features, bug fixes, and balance changes, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy. Get ready for a wild and thrilling experience!

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